Midsummer Mystery Hunt

Midsummer Mystery Hunt
for International students and Delftenaren

It is almost MIDSUMMER so celebrate and enjoy our Midsummer Mystery Hunt

During the Mystery Hunt across Delft, you -in groups of four people- will walk through
Delft and get hints to eventually reach the end point!

The top 3 teams will get prizes and everyone gets the pleasure of great company.
trace the route by searching and following the markers.

How does it work?

– You wil start in groups of 4 every 10 minutes between 12 and 1 and
enjoy the company while finding your way.

– Starting point is at MoTiv, Voorstraat 60 Delft

– You will receive instructions and a mystery-package to enjoy during the

– It will take you around 1,5 hrs so you are not in a hurry.

– The endpoint is enjoyable and you can stay there and have fun together.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS sign up and enjoy the company and the hunt and
share experiences.
DELFTENAREN can sign up too and while following the markers maybe tell
something more about Delft, the history or share experiences.

SIGN UP BEFORE MONDAY Jun 7 11.59 PM by filling the form: