Training Sessions

‘The Art of Autonomy’

Reflecting on independence, self-management and leadership, also when these aspects are under pressure from external factors, such as Covid.

What is your main attitude to Task, Time, Technique and Teams you are working with? How would you like to study and work in the near future? How can Autonomy help you to bring forward the best results? How do you translate this concept to Focus (What is important to you?), Vision (What’s your idea for the future?), Energy (What will give you to power to succeed?).

In this training program of 90 minutes we will introduce in The Art of Autonomy and explore self-sufficiency and empowerment.

‘The World of Inspiration’

In this workshop we will reflect on inspiration, motivation and learning.

How do you stay motivated during the corona period and make sure you tackle problems? This interactive online workshop will help you to learn from the circumstances. This is how you development personal leadership.

We will explore Theory U, how we learn to lead from the future as it emerges.

‘Feel well: Deal with loss and discomfort!’

Life is not always fancy and funny. Loss is not something we easily talk about. But now Covid causes a lot of losses and discomfort and we all have to deal with that.

The trip that is not going to happen, your year abroad spent in your room alone.
All the people you were going to meet, the parties you were going to attend to, and maybe even worse things happened to you.

We cannot make up for that. But there actually are ways available to deal with those feelings. It will make you feel a lot better to share your losses and find tools / ways to make your way to the future.