PhD talks

We would like to invite you to the MoTiv PhD-Talks program about PhD-wellbeing

Talk about wellbeing with your peers

- Call for Participation Focusgroup -

We are MoTiv, a TUD-supported independent organization on wellbeing, support in cooperation and campus community building. We specialize in care about your wellbeing and joy in life. But how?

Help us, yourself and your fellow PhD’ers by participating in a focus group to explore what wellbeing may mean to you personally and how you can be supported in your PhD experience, your well-being and progress!

These groups will be of great value to us to continue to develop programs that truly meet your needs and requirements. Your input will be anonymized and we work on the basis of confidentiality. And we would like to get to know you!

Image students MoTiv TU Delft

Reflective guided talks

These ‘talks’ (meetings) are a unique opportunity to share your professional and personal experiences as a PhD candidate and to learn from your PhD-peers through reflective dialogue. 

  • What makes your time as a PhD candidate at TU Delft attractive and fulfilling? 
  • How do you envision your future (career)?

PhD talks aim to support you to unveil and exchange what truly matters to you, elaborate on your experiences (work situation, TUD-culture, work-life balance, cooperation, social safety etc..) and support you in dealing with ups and downs, challenges and uncertainties.


  • Building and strengthening leadership qualities
  • Expanding your network across PhD’s-TU Delft wide
  • Sharing dreams and bold ambitions for the future


  • Participation is free
  • You will receive a small token of our gratitude
  • Date: Tu 20 of Fr 23 februari 16:00 – 18:00
  • Location: Voorstraat 60, Delft
  • Mail for questions

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