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Renske Oldenboom MoTiv TU Delft foto door Joram Boumans

Renske Oldenboom

Gunther Sturms MoTiv TU Delft foto door Joram Boumans

Günther Sturms

David Schiethart MoTiv TU Delft foto door Joram Boumans

David Schiethart

Ton Meijknecht MoTiv TU Delft foto door Joram Boumans

Ton Meijknecht

Jeroen van Lawick van Pabst MoTiv TU Delft foto door Joram Boumans

Jeroen van Lawick

Hans van Drongelen MoTiv TU Delft foto door Joram Boumans

Hans van Drongelen

Karen Chapman - foto door Joram Boumans

Karen Chapman

Joram Boumans

Joram Boumans

About us

Motiv is a centre for personal development in education and business at the Delft University of Technology

Our mission is to challenge both students and professionals on meaning and motivation to stimulate personal and professional growth. This will lead to a better understanding of personal creative and innovative powers, giving way to the existential pleasures of engineering

We value professionalism and personality, dedication and commitment, the magic and the tragic, trust and the inexhaustible effort for improvement and innovation.

Our programmes focus on soft skill training, teamwork, communication and personal leadership. They are designed for both groups and individuals.

To answer your demands, we design our training programmes and public meetings very thoroughly in collaboration with members of the target group or the commissioner. Contact us for an interview, a lunch, or to discuss other questions.

The MoTiv staff is experienced in working with students and lecturers at TU Delft and Haagse Hogeschool focusing on the practical value of motivation in science and technology. The meaning of technology for students and in our society is our concern.

Feel free to contact us for more information

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