Rest & Refleciton weekend for Dutch and International students

(5-7 November 2022)

In this weekend we will take a break from our studies, travelling together to Hellevoetsluis for a well
deserved break. Together with other students and 2 coaches we will have several ‘reflective
dialogues’ in which we engage in conversation about ourselves and our studies.

How do we maintain a healthy balance of work and social life?

How do we work together and realise modern post-covid values of community and sustainability?

We will share meals and go for walks. If opted we could offer yoga or meditation sessions. This program is open to all students, especially Master and PhD-students, both from the Netherlands and abroad. We can host 10 students.

When: Friday 5 November 18H00 till Sunday 7 november 13H00;

Where: Hellevoetsluis, easy accessible by bus and train. We might organise carpooling;

Cost: 35 euro including program, accommodation and meals;

Registration (before 1 November) and information: info@motiv.tudelft.nl;

Feel free to contact us for more information