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Group for Grief
Studying can be hard when you lost a relative or friend, even if it happened already some time ago. Therefore, it is good and beneficial to yourself to talk with people who have similar experiences in a safe and secure setting.

Enjoy these facilitated talks, learn to live with your loss just a little bit better and allow yourself to be more happy or peaceful while learning to deal with your (mixed) feelings and thoughts.
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What is Motiv?

Motiv is a centre for personal development in education and business at the Delft University of Technology and professional schools.

The MoTiv staff is experienced in working with students and lecturers at TU Delft, In-Holland and Haagse Hogeschool focusing on the practical value of motivation in science and technology.

To answer your demands, we design our training programmes and public meetings very thoroughly in collaboration with members of the target group or the commissioner. Contact us for an interview, a lunch, or to discuss other questions.

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Groups for Grief

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Together we are strong!

If you feelĀ displacedĀ in an environment that has changed radically and/ or you are concernedĀ about your own situation.

Contact us and we will make an appointment to support you.

We will listen to you and support you as much as we can.

015 2006060

Where can you find us?

Voorstraat 60, Delft

You can find us here Voorstraat 60, 2611 JS.

Together we are strong!
If you feel displaced in an environment that has suddenly changed radically because of the corona measures and /
or you are concerned about your own situation or about your loved ones at home.

Contact us.

015 2006060