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We would like to invite you to the MoTiv ACT - Reflective talks program

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Exploring the Bigger Picture

By sharing your professional experiences wirh a small group of peers in three Reflective Dialogues you gain insight into where you stand and what you want. You discuss your goals and what you find attractive about them and also what you find disappointing or difficult along the way, also in relation to life in a broader sense. These Reflective Dialogues aim to unveil what truly matters to you.

Meeting 1:

Facing Reality

Meeting 2:

Pushing the Boundaries

Meeting 3:

Creating Awareness

Meeting 4:

Sharing Key Takeaways


  • Mapping the context your are working & living in (What does it do to you?)
  • Sharing dreams and bold ambitions for the future
  • Strengthening leadership qualities
  • Expanding your network across ACT-TU Delft-wide.

Testimonials from previous participants:

What people say

Location & Practicalities

  • These meetings will take place in the cozy and well-equipped Art Center Delft, 205 Rotterdamseweg

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