Lab for a Free world

An Evening of Inspiration and Dialogue for Student Leaders in Delft

Where Freedom meets and Thought awakens.

In a time where the freedom of young people is challenged by the waves of change within and outside the academic world, MoTiv invites you to an evening that not only nourishes your mind but also your soul. The MoTiv Diner Pensant: Lab for a Free World is more than just a dinner; it is a platform for future leaders like you to engage in an essential dialogue about freedom, responsibility, and the role of technical students in shaping our future.

Questions that define our time:

Students enjoy a lot of freedom. At the same time, there are movements happening in the world, as well as within academia, that restrict the freedom of young people.

Motiv in Delft - drawing by Joram Boumans - handshake

Isn't the study program too rigid?

Why is all education in English?

Why aren't we collaborating more with Chinese universities?

Why am I considered free when I'll have a student debt of 60,000 euros?

Is the TU being led by the industry's interests?

Who will run away with my brilliant invention, Google or Microsoft?

Do we have to save the world?

An Evening of Meaning

Organized in an atmosphere of warmth and openness, the MoTiv Diner Pensant accommodates 60-80 student leaders and several key figures from the administration for an evening of profound conversations and enriching insights.

By dining together, we not only share a meal but also ideas and perspectives that shape our collective future.

With speakers from the Board, educational policy, and philosophical backgrounds, we aim to deepen the conversation and open new paths of thought. You, as a leader among students, play a crucial role in shaping this dialogue, spreading the discussion within your association, and leading the way toward a future where freedom and responsibility go hand in hand.

Event Details:

  • Date and Time: The dinner will start at 6:00 PM and conclude at 9:00 PM.

  • Location: A warm and inviting space that will be revealed to participants.

  • Registration & More Information: For more details and to reserve your spot, please contact us at


We invite student leaders to participate in this exceptional evening where your voice, vision, and leadership are central to the quest for a freer world. Together, we can confront today’s challenges and chart a course for tomorrow.


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