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The mind is not who we are but is just a TOOL, like the hand or foot. This sounds like a bold statement…yet, if we consider this possible, what does it imply when dealing with our ups and downs?

Hope this message finds you well. Autumn is here, coloring the leaves. The trees are letting them go to prepare themself for the winter. 

And us? Is there something we also need to let go?

This time of the year speaks to me about letting go, root and nurture the self. Do you wish to practice these in the yoga class? You are most welcome to join the autumn course that starts.

Calendar:  Wednesdays
18, 25 January,   
8. 1. 22 February

Time: 19:30 – 21:00

Location: Voorstraat 60 Delft


Please, let me know if you wish to join, and forward this page to any friend of yours that might be interested to join too.

Wish you an inspiring autumn time!

Yoga retreat with Shari Friedrichsen.

Shari is a very inspiring teacher. She lives in USA and travels internationally to teach yoga in her unique way. She will be coming to Brussels on 24-26 March. You can find more info by clicking here

Feel free to contact us for more information

015 2006060

Motiv in Delft - drawing by Joram Boumans - peace
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