Team training & Workshops

A constructive workshop for your student board, group or team

MoTiv can assist you in improving cooperation, methods of working and meeting and (personal) leadership. The program will be adjusted to specific questions of the initiators. Here you can see which focus you might choose.

General Info

  • Training sessions can be either in Dutch or English
  • All board / team members must be present to be effective
  • One session takes about 3 hours

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What is important and what can be done later or by others?

Tasks and positions are not there to limit you but to make you free to contribute to your team or board.

You want to be fair to everybody, but how to make decisions what is fair? Do we have a method? What values are more important than others to the team.

Find out in a training!

Learn to value each others talents and how to stimulate personal growth in your team this year.

It may be hard to work with diversity and differences, that is the challenge of our century

Doing a pitch is something to learn and exercise. We create an environment in which pitches become great. Goof content and your personal touch are key to an excellent pitch.

How to make a good and quick decision together?
You wnat everybody's voice to be heard and involved.

Democracy is not always easy and can be very time consuming.

Methods can be learned to make your process more efficient.

Teams sometimes really struggle with diversity in drive and time.

How to handle diversity in teams and make room for everyone to contribute in her or his own way?

Understanding the other person in your team may be difficult. Explaining may not help.

Get tools in this training to communicate effectively and cooperative.

Teams grow and evolve. Relationships change. Use the change!

How can your team become (or stay) an inspiring, loyal and shining team?

Feedback is part of a healthy team environment, but how to do that?

Create a safe environment together and a safe way of gving and receiving feedback.

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