About Corona-effects and the effort to feel well.
You can see the Corona situation as a collective cultural shock.
Being a student, times can be hard.

Covid is determining life in a way none of us likes.
For students it means little or no university life, no travelling abroad and sitting at a desk for long hours, looking at your screen(s).
This is not the way we want to live our lives.

While everybody is longing for ‘normal times’, we all have to deal with these disadvantages. It may be hard for everybody, but it really is harder for some of us.
There are situations that make things more difficult.

Here are some situations that add up to not feeling ok:

• When you have to stay in your room all the time e.g. in quarantine, especially if you like to be ‘on the move’, or doing sports.

• If you lost control over progress in your study program

• When –due to circumstances- you have nobody to turn to when you want vent your aggression about something that went wrong, or blow-off steam about things that are beyond control. Friends who are far away, or worries about family or parents. Circumstances can be hard to deal with on your own.

• If you feel that your time is being claimed by non useful things like gaming, postponing, little fights with housemates, laying in bed…

Dealing with Corona takes a lot of energy. Sometimes it feels like ‘borrowed energy’, borrowed from the future, whenever it will be that you can relax again.

Feeling well these days is something that is to be achieved. It is work, more than ever. But the work you do to feel well is an investment in resilience and self leadership. It is worth the effort.
What is also worth the effort is taking initiative to reach out to somebody else.

A friend, a roommate or family. It is not only that you need someone to talk to. We need each other.
So call or email us when you need to talk to someone about your wellbeing.

Make the first step in working on your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others!

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